Ontario and international destination ELopement photographer.

The elopement photographer with her own darkroom. 

I’m into film wedding photography, handmade jewelry, my mother-in-law's vintage vinyl collection, and performing world tour stadium concerts in the car on road trips.

Why name my Elopement Photography business Seven Wonders?  Because I'm a Stevie Nicks mega fan and I believe LOVE is the ultimate wonder of the world.

Life is messy.

It’s unscripted, unposed, and heartbreakingly beautiful. The best, juiciest nuggets of life are never perfectly executed or filtered. I think photography should be honest. We are both co-collaborators in creating something really special here, and photos are the lasting expressions of this incredible experience you’re planning. These photos will be the art that will adorn your walls & hearts your entire life, and live on for future family and friends to treasure. I document elopements with that in mind. 

I’m not a storyteller.
 You two are telling your story. I’m a story keeper.

You two are telling it to each other. To your loved ones. To the world. I’m not there to spin your day into a perfect, bite-sized, viral social media moment. I’m there to preserve moments, to keep a record of your day the way it truly felt, and to create art from the memories that you're making. The photographs from your elopement that you’ll love the most are not the ones that I artfully curate. It’s the moments you forget that I exist. It’s in those 100% unscripted moments that you’re fully yourselves that memories are made. And I get the honor of being there to document it for you.

This isn't my story, it's yours

High tech gear with an old school attitude.

In college, even though there was an entire Digital Photography Program, my Fine Art professor INSISTED we learn on film and develop in the darkroom. That’s when my dad gifted me his professional film camera that had captured all our childhood memories. I still have it, and still photograph with it. My own little
h    e    i   r   l   o   o   m. Using film requires you to be intentional. There are no taking photos until you get it perfect. You have to select memorable moments to capture, and revel in the imperfect nature of that singular photograph. It requires thoughtfulness. It’s a candid, unfiltered look back into your life, and there's is something so sweetly honest and wonderful about that. Taking 700 selfies is out. Intimate (and sometimes laugh out loud) realness is back in.

This is why we’ll vibe.

So, here's the scoop: I specialize in capturing elopements in that dreamy, gritty, film-style feel. Whether my couples are throwing a massive bash, having an epic adventure, or taking things slow, they're all about having a good laugh, showing their vulnerable side, and, most importantly, trusting me to work my magic.

My couples aren't after those stiff, posed shots. They're all about those raw, genuine moments and those in-between snaps that really tell the story of their big day. And guess what? Even though I've got all the fancy gear, I'll absolutely be busting out my trusty film camera for a bit of fun. And you know what? They're totally cool with it!

Oh, And if you’re just here for pictures of my dog, that’s fine  too.