Ontario and international destination elopement photographer.

Martha Stewart doesn’t have a guide on how to elope in Vegas, but if she did...

Elopements can be anything you want, and SHOULD be a personal experience and reflection of who you are and what you love. If you want to get married by Elvis wearing sequins and cheetah print, get matching tattoos, take photos on the strip in front of the neon lights, and jump on the hotel bed in your underwear in a pile of poker chips and dollar bills... you absolutely should! I want to represent you both so wholly that you stare in awe until your eyeballs hurt at how much they feel like YOU. In order to do that, you have to trust me.


I have 5+ years of experience

I’ve shot 100+ elopement & destination weddings

I’m 100% dedicated to my couples

For us to break down those walls, I need to know what’s most important to you.

Becoming fast friends

Over the last 5+ years, I’ve seen so many unique and incredible ways that couple’s have chosen to commit to each other. I can help you plan not just the big stuff like locations and timeline, but ways to connect throughout your day. I can show you what’s possible, and advocate for whatever your wildest dreams can think of. And the best part? I care about making that process EASY.

Hiring me means embracing the genuine experience you’re planning for your intimate elopement day, and I’m invested in YOU. Let’s prioritize an experience you’re thrilled about. Trust me to take care of you, celebrate you, and capture your vulnerable side.

I make it my mission to be real and vulnerable with you, so you feel comfortable showing me the parts of yourselves your partner loves most. Being in your life like a bff is all part of the process.

You might be my kinda client if you:

– Care deeply about your wedding experience
- Are the type to print photos to tuck inside your bedroom mirrors.
 – Are totally comfortable breaking rules
– Would trade overdone Pinterest pose for artfully captured candids
– Consider yourselves easy going
– Enjoy physical things like writing in notebooks over texting in your notes app, or reading paperbacks over Kindle/audibooks.
– Don't care if your clothes get a little dirty
– Think elopements should be easier to plan
– Hate “the big light” on the ceiling 
(candles, lamps, and accent lighting FTW)
– Accept all people of different shapes, love stories + backgrounds
- Consider caffeine a food group

The All-Inclusive Experience

I’m not interested in anything complicated. Above all I want your entire experience with me to feel effortless. So that’s why I provide an all-inclusive experience. I’m invested in my couples, and when you hire me, you get me from start to finish, truly passionate about providing you with all the value of an entire wedding team (but without all the stress of having to hire multiple vendors to help you.) No complicated packages or pricing structures. No hidden fees.

Let me document your souls, without expectations or rules. 

I’ll capture the way it felt, the way it can only be captured by someone who cares. I’ll guide you throughout your elopement day with gentle suggestion and foster an atmosphere of connection, so you can stay focused on each other. This is an experience built around the two of you daring to do things differently and get married your own way. Celebrate your unique love story with photos that feel like art, and ditch the cookie cutter idea of what wedding photos “should” look like.

Deeply felt.

more stories?
Want to see

Take a peek into the lives of couples just like you, experiencing incredible elopements just like this.

Elopements and intimate weddings

I only offer all-inclusive, full-service wedding documentation, because that’s what your elopement day deserves. When you hire me, you get me fully, and when it’s over, you’ll depart with memories you can hold in your hands.


First, you'll get a welcome package from me sent right to your door.  Right after booking, you'll also get a Questionnaire to help me to get inside your heads and get an in-depth look into your personalities, relationship, and elopement ideas so we’re all on the same page.

We'll also work together to customize an Elopement Guide full of actionable planning steps.  You'll receive a customized Handbook with research, location suggestions, vendor recommendations, permit sourcing and suggested activities... all curated to fit your personalities and vision for your elopement day.

Before your elopement
Starting at $4000

And since I’m an international travelling destination wedding photographer, I understand sometimes you want to experience something new and incredible. And sometimes your elopement plans are too amazing to pack into just one day. I’ll follow you anywhere that sets your souls on fire, and offer flat rate travel fees and multi-day options.  

You get my full and undivided attention, focusing on making photos that capture your hearts.  There will be gentle guidance and a readiness to accept the spontaneous real-world magic of your wedding day.  You'll also get Polaroids of your elopement to go home with so you have real, tangible souvenirs from your wedding day.

during your elopement

You'll start your married life with a sneak peek of your wedding photos within the first week so you can keep reliving the magic of your wedding day. Plus, all of your hand edited photos will be available in high resolution inside your private online gallery, with shareable links for your family and friends, delivered within 90 days.

Did I mention you also get a nice fat discount on any print materials from your gallery shop? And a selection of hand developed 35mm film prints to jumpstart your elopement scrapbook.

After your elopement

Super 8 Film

Super 8 just does something for my soul. It's the opposite of the kind of media we consume now; filtered, edited, and redone again and again until it's perfect.

Super 8 films are about capturing the essence of fleeting moments exactly as you lived them. There's a home movie quality that brings me back to the kinds of family videos I had of myself growing up, and the ones I've watched of my parents and grandparents.

Each frame is important. It's so human. It's perfect in it's imperfection and requires passionate and loving hands to develop, cut, spool, project, and digitize. I get to hold tangible memories between my fingers when I work with film, and I keep those stories for you so you can tell them again and again.

Each Super 8 film is captured on a Super 8 camera from my vintage collection (Lovingly serviced and restored back to their glory days by my wonderful husband) on brand new film stock.

+$850 if added to any elopement day.